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Pata is a coffee shop located in Hackney that reimagines the coffee experience by introducing colour-coded cups to facilitate social interactions. By utilising pink cups for individuals open to conversation and yellow cups for those seeking a quiet and private experience, Pata will successfully create a vibrant space where customers can connect, engage, and build relationships. This case study outlines the innovative concept of Pata and explores how it would transform the coffee shop scene and develop a sense of community among its diverse clientele.


Develop a coffee shop concept that encourages socialisation and human connection.

Create a distinct and easily recognisable system to indicate a customer's preference for conversation
or solitude.

Cultivate a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that accommodates both extroverted and
introverted individuals.

Establish Pata as a go-to destination for young professionals seeking networking opportunities and                a sense of community.
The color-coded cup system

3.1 Pink cups for conversation 
Pata introduces the use of pink cups as a symbol for customers open to engaging in conversations.
By displaying a pink cup, individuals signal their willingness to connect and interact with others.
This approach encourages spontaneous conversations, creating a friendly and
approachable environment.

3.2 Yellow cups for privacy 
Conversely, Pata implements yellow cups to represent customers who prefer a quiet and private experience. These cups indicate that the individual is not seeking conversation, allowing them to enjoy their coffee and surroundings without interruption. The yellow cups provide a comfortable space for introverted or focused individuals.
Atmosphere and design 

4.1 Welcoming interior
Pata's interior design shall create a warm and inviting ambience, featuring comfortable seating arrangements conducive to conversations. The space is adorned with vibrant colours, unique artwork, and cosy corners, promoting relaxation and social interaction.
4.2 Clear signage 
The coffee shop strategically places clear signage explaining the meaning behind the colour-coded cups, ensuring customers understand and respect each other's preferences. The signage also emphasises Pata's commitment to fostering a sense of community and inclusivity.
Staff Training and Customer Experience

5.1 Educated staff
Pata invests in comprehensive staff training programs, equipping their baristas with the knowledge and skills to facilitate positive social interactions. The staff are trained to be attentive, approachable, and respectful of customers' cup preferences, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all.

5.2 Facilitating connections 
The baristas at Pata take an active role in initiating conversations, making introductions, and creating a friendly atmosphere. Pata chats are active during the customer's time stay in the establishment to encourage linking up with old or new connections. These are accessed through the free Pata app. 
Community building and events

6.1 Networking events 
Pata will organise regular networking events, inviting professionals from various industries to gather, connect, and exchange ideas. These events provide a platform for individuals to build relationships, collaborate, and explore potential opportunities in a relaxed and informal setting.

6.2 Workshops and talks 
The coffee shop will host workshops, talks, and panel discussions on topics relevant to the interests of young professionals. These events contribute to knowledge sharing, skill development, and further community engagement.
Results and impact

Pata will successfully differentiate itself from traditional coffee shops by implementing the colour-coded cup system, becoming a symbol of community and connection. The concept hopes to attract a diverse clientele, including young professionals seeking networking opportunities and a welcoming environment. Pata's vibrant atmosphere and innovative approach will generate positive word-of-mouth, establishing it as a popular destination among the local community. Through the colour-coded cup system, Pata has redefined the coffee experience, transforming it into a catalyst for building relationships and community.
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