Event ID (Wilderness)
The experiential industry. Design a wellness event for young, environmentally conscious adults.
Primal  |  Progression  |  Minimal
The process. Discovering a way to combine modern type with an ancient primal flare. 
Patterns are based on urban surroundings. Brail on train platforms, brick walls, train tracks, the Gherkin, and fluctuation of building height.
Physical tickets. For people who enjoy memorabilia. "Ooo the tickets have arrived! Which pattern did you get?".
Signage. The Entrance to the hall where the event is being held. "That must be it!"
Event wristbands. To be given on entry to the event once tickets have been validated.
The 'roll fold' brochure. To be picked up at the entrance to the event hall. Giving an overview of the
day ahead.
Merchandise. Streetwear style. Organic cotton T-shirts that can be bought onsite only. 
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